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Cardsmart has been the place to buy all your retirement gifts, wedding gifts, and anything you need, just read the testimonials! Contact us, shop online or stop in today to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

“CARD$MART offers a platform that no one else does. It is a concept that I believe in, and stand behind. The success of my stores tells me that the formula works. The right price, the right selection, and the right service. A great package!”
- Richard Rubenstein


“As a family-owned, multi-store CARD$MART operation, we enjoy dealing with an independently-owned family business like Designer Greetings. They listen to our needs as retailers and, more importantly, they take action. Their Account Manager is outstanding, very knowledgeable. Having been a Hallmark retailer for many years, we have thoroughly enjoyed being a CARD$MART retailer for over 14 years now and can honestly say that our card volume just keeps growing. Selling quality cards at half off is simply the best value proposition in retailing today. We also really appreciate the extra margin and terms that Designer Greetings has negotiated on behalf of all the retailers like us on their Preferred Giftware Vendor Program. It really helps the all-important bottom line!”
- Carl Minkovitz & Gina Ellison


“CARD$MART offers an opportunity to be a part of a larger organization and a community of owners/operators who share ideas in various ways. It makes us feel like we are not alone in this task of building a business.”
- Gerry & Gayle Walker


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No matter the occasion, from the happy moments to the sad ones, a greeting card can be a beautiful extra touch to help you connect with those around you. Now’s the time to stop letting big-name brands take advantage of these feelings with overpriced cards and switch to someone who can provide all the options and all the quality for less. That someone is CardSmart. If you’re in need of a birthday gift, retirement gift, or just any gift for a loved one, stop by or shop online today!

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