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About CardsMart

Welcome to CardSmart! Though we’re regularly known for our famously funny and affordable cards, we are so much more. Here, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to deliver the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for the gift itself, need to finish it off with a stylish gift wrap, or searching for the perfect, heartwarming card, CardSmart has the solution.

But How Did Our Gift Shop Come To Be?

Twenty-seven years ago, Tom O’Donnell left his hometown of Rockford, Illinois for the warmth and sunshine of South Florida. For most of his life thus far, he had been the keeper of a local bookstore in Illinois. Then he decided it was time for a change. So in 1998, Tom opened one of the very first CardSmarts in the USA, here in Lake Worth. After first setting eyes on the location we’ve called home ever since, Tom knew that it was a spot of undeveloped potential. This business savvy has carried him far over the past 22 years, as CardSmart continues to grow our success and satisfy customers from near and far. Our dedicated team strives to deliver the ultimate gift shopping experience, while offering the best prices.
So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, or even a poodle adoption, CardSmart has the ultimate card for that.


A card is more than just a note on a piece of paper. It is time out your day. It is heartfelt words of love and appreciation. It is a pick-me-up on a bad day, or a great day. It is an act that can go a long way.
Though we tend to pick out cards that match our loved one’s sense of humor, with pre-written lines inscribed already, most people add their own share of words, expressing feelings of gratitude and well wishes towards the recipient. It is these words, on a carefully picked card, that make it more than a piece of paper.
Pick a card for any occasion with CardSmart’s huge selection of greeting cards! Here’s a few of the kinds we carry.

Perhaps the most classic example of a greeting card is the Birthday Card. It’s one of the easiest ways to express “I’m glad you were born!” from wherever you are, near or far. These days, there is not a gift that is given that is not accompanied by a beloved birthday card. (And sometimes the card itself is a gift, acting as a “hidden” stash of money from your grandparents!)
Our birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a simple expression of love and maturity, wanting to celebrate a particular year or milestone, or aiming to send the birthday girl or boy to the floor with laughter with wacky pop-out cards, hilarious cartoons, or even a card of singing cows. Birthday cards have only grown more creative over the years, and so has our selection!
You never forget your wedding. It’s called “the most special day of your life” for a reason. Aside from you and your spouse’s vows, and the dancing and speeches and cake, you’ll also want to remember all of the people who helped you celebrate the ushering in of this new era of love in your life. That’s why people send wedding cards.
Wedding cards are not only a way to wish the new couple a happy life, however. Many older couples as well as friends and family of the couple often take this opportunity to write down their own advice and stories from their marriages and relationship (or even sometimes about how to keep one half of the couple happiest!). Reading through all of these letters and cards is perhaps one of the most special parts of the entire wedding process.
There are a million ways to say I love you— and million kinds of cards at CardSmart to match. Anniversaries don’t have to be about weddings; many people celebrate a variety of anniversaries with not only their spouse or partner, but with friends and family as well. The time you all first met. Your first vacation together. First dates, first holiday getaways, and so on. When you’re giving an anniversary card, what matters is the love expressed inside.
At CardSmart, we help you express this love with long lengths of beautiful poetry, or by leaving room for you to write your own words. Our anniversary section is teeming with heartfelt, gorgeous cards that are sure to impress your significant other.
When tragedy strikes, what do you say? When you’re having trouble gathering the words, sometimes a simple, kind card can help you find them. At CardSmart, we carry a large selection of somber sympathy cards, designed to let your loved ones know they are not alone throughout their grieving, and to help celebrate and cherish the life that is now beyond our reach.
When searching for the right sympathy card, it is perhaps important now more than ever, to make sure it sets the appropriate mood. That’s why we select the sympathy cards we carry with extra care, taking the time to read through the comforting words that will end up in the hands of one experiencing great hardship. Through this small act, you can make your loved one’s difficult journey ahead a bit easier.
Celebrate new life with our selection of baby cards! Baby cards are often sought out for a number of different occasions, however. This includes baby showers (wishing the mother to be a healthy pregnancy), gender reveals (sending your love no matter the baby’s gender), post-birth (showering the new parents with affection in the hospital, without overwhelming them with too many people at their bedside), or for a variety of firsts (such as baby’s first Fall, first Easter, first Halloween, and eventually, first birthday!). Be there for every one of these occasions with one of our adorable baby cards from CardSmart!
Many traditional baby cards come in lovely pastel blues and pinks, or greens and yellows for something gender neutral. Accompanied by delicate details and sweet passages, a card is a great way to express your love and excitement for this new bundle of joy!
First high school, then college, (and maybe even more college after that). Many students put in years and years of hard work and scholarship to build the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Such a landmark achievement deserves to be celebrated excessively. That’s why many graduates send out announcements for their graduation to relatives and family friends near and far— so that even if they aren’t able to make it to the graduation, they are still able to bring awareness to their accomplishment.
Return the celebration with the perfect graduation card! Each year we are excited to see the new designs for this year’s brand-new class of graduates, and meet with customers ready to gush about their student’s accomplishments. Graduation cards are also a great place to include your own sage advice about the next step in their educational journey. This may be a reflection on what they’ve already accomplished, or well wishes for their freshman year of college, or to wish them luck landing their first job. Send them your best with a graduation card from CardSmart!


At CardSmart, we pride ourselves in supplying a large selection of high quality, well-written cards that you and your loved one (and your wallet) will both enjoy. That’s why many Lake Worth patrons come to us whenever they’re in need of a festive greeting card!


Greeting cards get expensive— ridiculously expensive. But they don’t have to be. At CardSmart, our aim is to supply you not only with gorgeous, well-made cards, but affordable cards as well, unlike Big Name competitors. We believe that you should be able to send a nice, simple greeting without breaking the bank.


Our cards come in all shapes and sizes, using high quality paper, vibrant colors, intricate embellishments, and beautiful illustrations. But it’s not just what’s on the outside that matters. We take the time to order cards that are well-made and well-written, to be sure that they convey the write message, stirring a laugh when needed, or a hug when appreciated.


CardSmart has it all. Our selection of cards knows almost no bounds, supplying you with the perfect greeting for any kind of occasion. Wish an aunt Happy Birthday, send a cousin a graduation card, and get your spouse a romantic anniversary card all within a few steps of each other. Set the tone with something lighthearted and funny, or serious and heartfelt. Or scribe the tone yourself— we’ve got blank cards too!



The store equals or exceeds expectations. It is clean, well stocked and organized. The selection is very good.

-Steven Greenberg

Awesome finds, great place to shop for unique gifts for friends, and for yourself! Best prices on beautiful cards…

-Jeannie Toth

Really cool selection of nice affordable gifts. Warm people as well. I enjoy going here.

-Denise Ishle

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